The advent of Smartphones has simplified lots of work that could be initially done using a computer. These days, people can send and receive emails instantly, communicate on social media efficiently and even better, make purchases directly through their phones. Nowadays people have less to do with their personal computers as much of the work can be completed with their handheld gadgets. According to a credible statistic, the internet a whopping 80% of internet users also own Smartphones. Intelligent people doing business online on their eCommerce stores have found a creative way of tapping into this population and take their businesses to the next level through selling online, their products and services.

Since conversion can also be achieved using phones, entrepreneurs are striving to improve their online stores to acquire most purchases from people using phones. When one does conversion rate optimization for their eCommerce websites, they will achieve a higher conversion rate from people using their mobile phones. But, one question begs, what can one, carrying out their business online do to their websites to increase mobile conversion rate?

a) Optimize the mobile version of their eCommerce websites

Make your web interface on the phone to become a bit different from the one on the computer and dictates how best one does business online. Make it a little smaller so as the user can reach any icon on the corner of their mobile’s screen. This can be done without making the icon so small on the phone’s screen such that the user will encounter difficulty tapping the icon. Let the site have fewer web pages and the checkout page and process be simplified and contain much fewer links.

b) Develop personalized mobile apps

With a customized app, you can sell online with less struggle, as the app will ensure easy navigation throughout the pages of your online store. Applications enable you to send your customers regular push notifications without necessarily spamming their inboxes. Also, mobile apps allow the user to maximize their shopping list without having to do a myriad of logins. When you sell online through a website, ensure you develop apps as they make it easy for you to send your clients the push notifications in case of abandoned carts.

c) Mobile friendly interface is a must

Since the buyer on a mobile device uses mobile data to navigate your website, ensure the pages takes less time to load using mobile devices. Ensure the interface has the appropriate font size, contain no pop-ups, and much importantly, ensure you provide them with a callback experience as it improves the conversion rate for your online store and makes one sell online effectively.