Most people doing business online, mainly owning a website more often find low conversion rate to be a big deal. They will spend lots of time to figure out ways and means to increase this rate so as to sell online appropriately. While many strategies work efficiently, many concentrate on the complex ways forgetting simple ones like making use of the eCommerce customer reviews.

For a long time now people have made good use of these reviews as it is believed that the clients depend on them when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. An eCommerce store with lots of positive buyer reviews will sell online more than that without or with negative feedbacks. Positive review inspires confidence among customers. The comments describe the quality of an online store from the buyer’s eye. This, in turn, translates to the credibility of the product and services of the one selling online. Customer reviews also help in ranking high your online store. Unique and freshly generated content from buyers is rated by the crawlers and in turn rank high the site.

How Can A Store Grow Customer Reviews To Boost Conversion Rate And Page Traffic Efficiently?

Identify yourself as the industry expert. Write expert advice and tips about the products and services you are selling online and how to do that kind of business online. People like identifying themselves with thought leaders and they will, in turn, start sharing your content on other sites and social media thus your site will start receiving numerous visitors.

Other ways include leveraging on social media as they are useful sources of drawing customer feedback for your eCommerce site. Also, don’t forget to enable reviews and rating on your website.

How to Get Professional Product Reviews for Your Online Store

  • Create a list of review websites  

Conducting a search on different search engines like Bing and Google will lead you to best sites that are good at reviewing your site. You can list them down or even call them right away and ask them to get down to work. The search will also land you in a lot of blogs, so be sure to befriend them as they will be of help throughout the period you will be doing that business online.  Always be very genuine with them. Make sure that these sites and blogs are hard-to-find and that are dealing with whatever products you are want to sell online.

  • Reach out to the video bloggers

The world is quickly turning to video blogging, and so should your search for professional web reviews point towards. Search for popular video reviewers and get in touch with them to review your eCommerce site, if they have an interest in your line of products and services. They will always put links to their websites or provide them at the end of a video.