Insights into Mobile Search Ads and How They Help Drive Traffic to Offline and Online stores

Mobile movement is steadily taking shape across the world. The advent, as well as the proliferation of Smartphones, is witnessing the creation of smarter shoppers, and smarter e-commerce platform owners are already reaping from this opportunity. The reason why most marketers and e-commerce platform owners are turning to mobile marketing is because Smartphones are always on, always accompanying their owners and are almost always connected.

Smartphones are also increasingly becoming important to people’s shopping habits, and have transformed many into savvy consumers. Today, over 70% of people worldwide use Smartphones for shopping. This information points to one thing: Mobile Search Ads work and can drive traffic to both offline and online stores and vice versa.

Here is a complete insight into the impact of mobile Search on in-store shopping:

• Mobile search results are a powerful means of driving traffic to physical stores

A common misconception is that online searches will only result in customers visiting online stores. The reality, however, is that 3 out of 4 customers who find helpful information in search results are more likely to visit the store and buy the product. Customers are inspired to make this visit if they get valuable information regarding availability of the product in the store, location of the store, hours of operation and competitive pricing of products and services in the store. On the contrary, if valuable information is scant or completely unavailable, shoppers may well stay away to avoid the time, energy and expense involved and not getting the commodity after all.

This is a perfect opportunity for merchants to leverage. They should know that mobile search ads are powerful tools to connect customers with stores. Theses local store merchants can utilize these mobile search ads to display vital information to consumers such as the availability of products.

• Store owners can grab consumer’s attention via their mobile site or search results

Smartphones are changing shopping habits of customers. Statistics show that 42% of in-store shoppers scavenge for information about a particular product while in the store and majority (64%) utilize search engines. However, about half of the in-store shoppers navigate to the owner’s e-commerce store. Additionally, only 30% of the in-store shoppers will check out product details from a competitor’s online store. This is a perfect opportunity for store owners to connect with their customers to torpedo any chances of the customers heading to the competition.

Store owners have realized that shoppers are increasingly using their Smartphones while shopping in-store to enable them to find the right products, and so, they’ve designed apps to help shoppers by providing them direct access to product reviews and ratings.

• Consumers decide to visit stores not only to purchase, but to get comprehensive, informative and customized experience

Some store owners will tell you that their greatest fear is that the modern day shopper is so savvy that when they set foot in the store, it’s a matter of just buying and walking out. The truth is customers pay a visit to stores in the course of their buying journey, even prior to buying anything. In fact, statistically, about 32% of shoppers visit stores the moment they think about buying something, while 33% actually do a comprehensive research in-store to gather more information about a product they intend to purchase.

Store brands have a decent opportunity to delight and engage these savvy shoppers in many innovative ways. Let’s face it; humans always want to feel that their needs are understood. Customization is the surefire way to understand customer’s needs. Shoppers are a lot likely to buy in stores that exude characteristics tailored to their needs. In fact, one consumer study found out that 85% of customers interviewed said they are more likely to repeatedly buy in stores that provide personalized coupons and other exclusive offers in-store.


This is critical information for both offline and online store merchants to optimize their stores or e-commerce platforms and tap into this rich opportunity. Competition in the modern day market is fierce, and stores are using every available resource and technology to sell online and offline. The mobile search ad is one such technology that can propel your business to unimaginable heights.

In this article you can find some of the ways in which you can optimize your online store with Shopify‘s platform:

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